Mr. President: Act against the republic’s domestic and foreign foes

On the domestic front, Mr. President, for more than 30 months those who support your administration, its reelection, and love their country, have watched what can only can be seen as a rising tide of Democratic-and-media driven lawlessness in the country. They also have seen a determination by parts of the population to ruin the nation’s economy, impose censorship at the hands of the nation’s tech enemies on behalf of the Democratic party, raise taxes to catastrophic levels, and to admit enough illiterate, criminal, and/or diseased Third Worlders to irreparably destroy the republic’s social cohesion and ensure permanent rule by the Democrat slave-drivers at the national level.

The depth of the division in this country’s population is great and fast approaching the point where the blossoming and hardening hatreds can only be resolved by a test of arms. The broad and increasingly comprehensive censorship of conservative pens and voices – and even your own writings — moves forward with your government refusing or legally unable to eliminate the censors. These companies, moreover, appear to have made allegiance to the Democratic Party and the mudereous paganism called progessiveism conditions of employment, and so most of their work forces are willing to help their bosses limit the civil liberties of Americans who think differently. This is intolerable. If the law cannot protect conservatives from these people, there are other ways to remove those censors, Sir, and the growing anger over these actions is making the non-governmental – and perhaps violent — option more likely as the mean with which to ensure 2020 yields a fair presidential election.

The online censorship phenomenon is only the most recent revelation of the depth of the anti-America forces located in the republic’s governmental and business institutions. The number of the republic’s domestic enemies, it has become apparent, is enormous. Since the beginning of your political travails, Mr. President, you and your cabinet members have claimed that those criminals in the FBI, CIA, DNI, and the State Department who sought to overthrow your government are few in number, and they in no way reflect the views and beliefs of “99-percent” of the agencies’ work forces. This is bullshit.

It seems, sir, that you and your team have not noticed that all of the mainstream media, all of the Democratic Party, and most of the Republican Party also are claiming the same crap, that 99-percent of the federal bureaucracy are good guys. But until the lies of the Democrats and media about Russian collusion were proven beyond doubt as a hoax as great in scale as the claim of a climate crisis, it seems that very few officers from the above agencies came forward to help your administration, and more important, to defend the republic. There is news these days that more are coming forward, now that the jig is up. We’ll see.

But the relevant point to recall for each of these agencies is that no one with a desk on their seventh floors – Comey, Brennan, Clapper, Kerry, their extensive band of lieutenants, lawyers, and executive assistants, etc. – ever does anything but make plans and issue orders for others to execute. They are dime-store potentates who tell others what to do. It is the rank and file officers who do the leg work; read incoming and outgoing communications; do surveillance and install phone taps; type-up and format outgoing communications; do the necessary archival research; write new and alter old software programs; deal directly and regularly with foreign security services; overhear cafeteria conversations; gripe to each other about nefarious goings-on; and, most important, obey orders that either ignore presidential direction or hide presidential intent, such as the complicity of Brennan and George Tenet in Clinton’s decision not to even try to kill Osama bin Laden in 1998-99.

The noted agencies, Mr. President, are not complete hives of traitors of the stripe of Brennan, Comey, Clapper, and Kerry, but neither are they lacking in that species of poisonous cretin. There also is a layer of employees in each agency that are eternally indebted to the Democratic Party and its loyalists in the senior civil service for their jobs and the permanency thereof. The Obama administration’s appointment of these people lowered the overall brainpower, competence, security, courage, and loyalty of the four agencies. Numerous people were appointed not because they were intelligent, loyal, truthful, and serious about security, but because of their loyalty to the Democrats, their sexual orientations, their political philosophies, and/or their allegiance to the mad and republic-killing commandment “Thou shalt never abandon diversity and multiculturalism”. Mr. President, neither you, your administration, nor the republic will ever be safe until these layers of danger are eliminated. While these people remain employed, the foot soldiers of tyranny are intact and at the ready for another try.

In the foreign arena, Mr. President, there are also a number of stern actions that are needed. The first, in my mind, is to send a savage and substantive signal to those who pretend to be our allies. During your visit to Great Britain, Sir, you were quoted as praising the skills and attitude toward America of Boris Johnson, the man who is the favorite to be the next Tory leader, and so the new British prime minister. Your words, Sir, suggest that you were not briefed by your advisers on the likely role Boris Johnson played in orchestrating the British government’s willingness to employ its intelligence services to assist the Democrats and the U.S. media in their plan to overthrow you and your administration.

In my memory from working for CIA, Mr. President, the chief of Britain’s sigint service (GCHQ) must seek the approval of the UK Foreign Secretary, and then, I think, the prime minister, to proceed with the UK’s most dangerous and sensitive intelligence collection operations. Now, on 17 November 2017 — that is, after you won the presidency — then GCHQ-chief Richard Hannigan asked the UK Foreign Minister – a man named Boris Johnson – to approve the renewal of a 90-day program of GCHQ sigint collection against “the Trump organization and Donald J. Trump for President, Inc., both located 725 5th Avenue, New York, USA”. The GCHQ chief reminded Boris Johnson that this collection program — named “FULSOME” – was established at President Obama’s request on/or before 15 September 2017, that is, before the election. (NB: The Boris Johnson-approved GCHQ anti-Trump/anti-America collection program therefore appears to have run, at least, from 15 September 2017 to 15 March 2018. I have found no data showing that Johnson opposed this covert operation against, first, a private U.S. citizen, and then against a sitting U.S. president.)

Apparently, Mr. President, your friend Boris Johnson approved the renewal request because the collection appears to have continued. One must assume, too, that Johnson and Prime Minister Theresa May approved both of Obama requests for Britain’s GCHQ to intercept your electronic communications, as well as those of your family, businesses and campaign organization.

I am an old, retired, and, perhaps, a bit dotty senior CIA officer, Mr. President, but it seems to me that no government performing in the manner outlined above can be described as an ally, much less America’s most loyal friend and the most important NATO partner. If Boris Johnson becomes prime minister, Mr. President, he must be regarded as your personal enemy and the enemy of the republic, as well as the protector of all of those in the British intelligence, security, and diplomatic services who executed the covert program directed against you and the American electorate.

The British people, of course, can choose any party they want to govern their country, but Jeremy Corbyn and the Labor Party have long been anti-American, and Boris Johnson and his fellow Tory Party grandees secretly tried to help to destroy your presidency and the U.S. election system that gave you a fair-and-square victory. In power, neither party nor leader could be trusted as a close and reliable ally.

If you are ignorant of Boris Johnson’s complicity in trying to overthrow your election and administration, Mr. President, you could direct your CIA chief to ask her British colleagues for the following document:

–“Robert Hannigan, Director GCHQ to Rt. Hon. Boris Johnson, Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, 17 November 2017”.

–If the British have trouble finding the document, the CIA’s chief might give them the following search terms, all of which are said to be in the document: “Obama”, “GCHQ References: A/7238.6547/12”, “Richard Hannigan”, “Boris Johnson”, “Renewal of Warrant CSO/142263”, “FULSOME”, and “U.S. National Security Advisor Rice”.

These terms will certainly help the British locate the document, but if they fail there is a fair chance that other copies of the document are located in other places where the British are unable to fail in their search.


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Trump’s gunning for the Neocons and Israel-Firsters, just as they are, literally, gunning for him

Having watched nearly three-years of Donald Trump working, haltingly but stubbornly, to reestablish the great and republic-preserving pillars of American foreign policy — non-intervention and neutrality — it is clear that the trail toward those goals is long, winding, and, far too often, a process that yields two steps forward and one step back.

It was most encouraging to see Trump let the Neocons – especially Bolton, Abrams, Pompeo, and such of their mouthpieces as Ben Shapiro, Mark Levin, and Bill Kristol  – make perfect jackasses of themselves via their botched handling of the none-of-America’s-business Venezuela problem. These wretches thereby showed Americans how desperate they are for war, and how utterly useless they are in the conduct of a U.S. foreign policy that serves the republic’s only genuine foreign-policy goals; peace; few if  any foreign political and/or military entanglements; a deterring military, capable – in mind, skills, and material – of total victory in the rare cases that demand war-fighting; freedom of the seas for trade and prosperity, and the maintenance of full sovereignty and independence of action.

The Neocons made a humiliating hash of Venezuela, achieving nothing but failure in driving the two socialists enemies – Guaido and Maduro — into each other’s arms for talks in the convivial atmosphere of Scandinavia, safely away from the suffering both have inflicted on Colombians with their socialist economic policies and their attendant authoritarian rule. The living conditions of the latter clearly were worsened by the bumbling of Bolton, Abrams, and Pompeo. Trump might just as well have assigned their job to the Marx Brothers, and could have expected better results from a Groucho-led effort

Over the past three weeks, however, my sense was that the Trump administration was going to take the one step backwards mentioned above on the issue of America’s now forty-year old, unnecessary, on-again/off-again, quasi-war with Iran. The drama came to a head last week when the Iranians were identified as the entity that shot down an unmanned, U.S. military drone that reportedly was flying over international waters.

Per media reporting, President Trump, on Friday, approved a limited military response against Iranian missile-and-radar sites, but then stopped the operation about 30 minutes before it was to occur. Earlier in the day, the media showed film of Pelosi and Schumer nearly dancing with joy after the president told them of the attack plan, probably in anticipation of large monetary bonuses from their AIPAC masters, an expensive war they could blame on Trump, and the shelving of growing public and conservative-media interest in Obama’s corrupt deal with Iran, which eventually will put him, Valerie Jarret, Ben Rhodes, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry and his State Department team, and a number of U.S. general and intelligence officers in prison or, far better, on the gallows.

Trump’s stated reason for stopping the strike – too many Iranians would have been killed in revenge for a crashed, unmanned drone – is fair enough and hard to criticize, except for those Neocons and another of their spokesmen, Chris Wallace of FOX News. As readers of this space know, I am relatively unconcerned by any number of foreign casualties if the U.S. military is ordered to respond to an attack that killed Americans and so long as that response is meant to be overwhelmingly decisive to end the confrontation, not to begin a decades-long, tit-for-tat, inconclusive, and blood-and-treasury-draining conflict.

Trump’s correct decision to stop the airstrike, however, will not end the issue with Iran. Indeed, one can wonder if the president is not giving the Neocons and Israel-Firsters enough rope to hang themselves. Clearly, the recent limpet-mine attacks on oil tankers in the Persian Gulf and the shoot-down of the drone were attacks produced by the republic’s above-named worst domestic enemies, as well as by Israel’s military and intelligence operatives and, most maddeningly, members of the U.S. military and intelligence services and, almost certainly, their human assets in the Gulf and Iran.

Trump and his team, I suspect, have laid out the bait for a trap that could be the finale of this edition of the Iran war, and perhaps a start toward the end of all of it. The president said that it was not appropriate to kill 150 Iranians because an “unmanned” drone was shot down, adding that the loss of U.S. military personnel in te attack would have produced an entirely different kettle of fish. These words are high-stakes stuff, as they clearly are meant to suggest that Trump would have attacked Iran had the attack by the republic’s domestic and foreign enemies on the U.S. military killed U.S. Marines, soldiers, or airmen.

Given that people like Bolton, Shapiro, Levin, Abrams, and Kristol do not give a tinker’s damn about how many Americans die in defense of Israel’s interests, there certainly will be another attack meant to kill U.S. military personnel, probably soon. There also is the chance, of course, that those who staged the attack on the drone may simply skip a second attack, meant to kill American troops, and instead try to murder President Trump.

If Trump’s is running the sort of operation just speculated about, he should be saluted, supported, and prayed for. It is a sophisticated operation, one lethally dangerous to those tasked with its execution, and one that requires superb intelligence and near-perfect timing. It is, in the strongest possible sense, an America First policy, one that would expose U.S. citizen traitors and facilitate the quick purge of Obama appointees from the U.S. military, diplomatic, and intelligence services

Most important, a Trump victory would first luridly disclose, and then destroy, the deep, war-causing corruption driven and paid for by wealthy Jewish-Americans, their organizations, and their overseas friends, and publicized by their legion of media shills. A Trump win also would put on public display for flaying those men and women who have been purchased to champion pro-Israel policies and make them the law of the land — both de jure and de facto —  a cast that stars almost 535 bought-and-paid for senators and congressmen, and their large supporting cast of intelligence directors, general officers, and senior civil servants. If that happy result occurs, what more need be said than “Sic Semper Tyrannis” or, a bit more coarsely, “String ’em up”.



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Wisdom’s beginning: “Blessed be the Lord, my strength, Teacheth my hands to war, and my fingers to fight”

There are times in life that leave you wondering why people believe in the goals they pronounce and seek, and, even more, why those same people would ever expect all others to support, or at least acquiesce in the successful attainment of their goals.

Having watched and listened to the 20-plus, clearly demented and startlingly arrogant Democratic presidential hopefuls, I do not detect the slightest inkling that any of one them understands that even if their party’s ultimate candidate wins the 2020 presidential election, and the House and Senate as well, the Democratic Party will never be allowed to assume power.

To be fair, each candidate probably has little time to face this reality, being too busy working to further tighten the shackles on the many tens of thousands of illegal/criminal/diseased voters their party has brought, and is bringing into the country as the new slave class, one meant to replace the permanent electoral advantage the Democrat party enjoyed until 1865 on the basis of enslaved blacks. The Democrats prove every day that while smoking may be a hard habit to kick, their complete addiction to being self-esteemed slave-masters is impossible to surmount.

The hoard of Democratic presidential candidates openly pledges to impose a dictatorial socialist economy on the United States; to raise taxes to extortionate levels even they have not previously dreamed of; and to gleefully murder babies after birth and then sell their body parts. It is interesting that this most abhorrent of premeditated crimes is the only Feminist accomplishment since 1973.

The Democrat candidates also are pledged to support the destruction of American history and its symbols, statues, and flags, starting in the American South; to make rank insanity mandatory by legally protecting unlimited numbers of sexual deviancies – including pedophilia – and defining them as kinds of normal that are more worthy of legal protection than the only genuine normal, heterosexuality; and to complete their party’s ongoing destruction of the Bill of Rights and the Constitution by negating the 1st, 2nd, and 4th Amendments, as well as by eradicating the Electoral College.

The last action would be the final step in the Democrats remaking of the Founder’s republicanism into popular democracy, which is more precisely termed anarchy. Ending the Electoral College will leave at least 40 of the Union’s states with almost no voice in the government of the nation, and almost all state governments with no choice but to unquestioningly obey a national government created by, and in the permanent fascistic thrall of, politicians and voters in fewer than ten states.

From a personal perspective – one that may not be uncommon – it appears that the Democrats’ main war sim is to make American whites and all American Christians subservient to the whims of their party’s mass of mental misfits. These perverted, often depraved whims belong to the party’s seemingly innumerable deviant and fascist groups – which are really one and the same — such as LGBT groups, Feminists, Ivy Leaguers, Globalists, atheists, job-exporters, secessionists, racists, climate-change charlatans, thieving Tech Titans, a reprehensible, typically anti-America Latin American Pope and the many faux, decadent, and law-breaking Catholic, Protestant, and Jewish clergymen, Planned-Parenthood and the AMA’s mass-murdering doctors, the social-media censors, pedophiles, the illegal, ebola-carrying border-crossers, cannibals, illegal aliens, foreign-born press barons and their Goebbels-like journalists, both bent on stoking war between the U.S. and Russia, the terrorists of ANTIFA, and the many other forms and groupings of semi-human refuse the Democrats have welcomed aboard for honored places in their freak plantation’s slave quarters. It must not be forgotten, moreover, that the Democrats’ freak plantation also has slave quarters for senior government leaders, bureaucrats, intelligence officers, and military officers from, at least, the United States, Britain, Australia, Germany, Israel, and Italy, all of whom sought to destroy the republic and establish Hillary Clinton as the American version of Adolph Hitler, a version laced with Stalinist cruelty and the traits, skills, and Hollywood-good-looks of Al Capone.

At this point, it seems ludicrous to offer more examples of the actions, taken and intended, by the foregoing enemies of the republic against white Americans and all Christians. It will suffice to remind these worthless and expendable people and groups that the United States was fought for, founded, and nurtured by great, if imperfect white men; that it was meant to be a republic, never a democracy; that it was born as a Protestant Christian republic, one that was to be governed by law not men, much less freaks, and one that would tolerate all faiths so long as, in return, those faiths respected that republic and the Christianity on which it is based.

It is clearly true that the Democrats are striving to destroy the American republic, the doctrine of equality before the law, American whites, and American Christians of all races. Like their and Obama’s criminal, sub-human heroes who rule South Africa and are murdering the country’s remaining white farmers – this, as the “civilized world” and its anti-white leaders silently approve white genocide in South Africa – the forces of the Democrats’ bursting-at-the-seams, semi-human freak plantation seems to intend to eradicate both white Americans and the republic’s status as a Christian nation.

Their campaign has long been underway and the Democrat leaders seem to believe that after they fix the national vote in 2020, and through that illegal act win power, Americans will allow them to take control without trouble. This is a delusion that will be fatal to those operating under the miasma it produces. Armed by the Founders’ 2nd Amendment and their faith, American patriots, loyal to the Constitution, the rule of law, and coming from multiple faiths and races, will – if the Democrats arrange a fake victory in 2020 – eradicate the tormentors that for far too long have been allowed to direct destruction against them, their children, their incomes, their republic, their Constitution, and their God.

The Democrats would do well to think about the ultimate consequences for themselves and their army of freaks when the worm turns, and, at long last, they are being hunted down and eliminated by fed-up Americans armed with the 2nd Amendment and the limitless strength and certain victory that flows from the words of the following Psalm.

Psalm 144

1Blessed be the Lord my strength which teacheth my hands to war, and my fingers to fight:

My goodness, and my fortress; my high tower, and my deliverer; my shield, and he in whom I trust; who subdueth my people under me.

Lord, what is man, that thou takest knowledge of him! or the son of man, that thou makest account of him!

Man is like to vanity: his days are as a shadow that passeth away.

Bow thy heavens, O Lord, and come down: touch the mountains, and they shall smoke.

Cast forth lightning, and scatter them: shoot out thine arrows, and destroy them.

Send thine hand from above; rid me, and deliver me out of great waters, from the hand of strange children;

Whose mouth speaketh vanity, and their right hand is a right hand of falsehood.

I will sing a new song unto thee, O God: upon a psaltery and an instrument of ten strings will I sing praises unto thee.

10 It is he that giveth salvation unto kings: who delivereth David his servant from the hurtful sword.

11 Rid me, and deliver me from the hand of strange children, whose mouth speaketh vanity, and their right hand is a right hand of falsehood:

12 That our sons may be as plants grown up in their youth; that our daughters may be as corner stones, polished after the similitude of a palace:

13 That our garners may be full, affording all manner of store: that our sheep may bring forth thousands and ten thousands in our streets:

14 That our oxen may be strong to labour; that there be no breaking in, nor going out; that there be no complaining in our streets.

15 Happy is that people, that is in such a case: yea, happy is that people, whose God is the Lord.

As they expire on the battlefield they yearned for and created, the Democrats also should ruefully recall that those Americans they have persecuted for their faith; humiliated for their patriotism and loyalty to the Constitution; denigrated for refusing to accept innumerable and depraved sexual deviances and gender choices as “normal”; and censored for words and thoughts that the Bill of Rights protects in full, had no beef with them until they erased live-and-let-live, replaced it with live-as-we-say, and declared war against anyone and any idea that stood in the way of their making America a true, hell-on-earth shithole.

Turnabout, of course, is always fair play. Indeed, in this case it will simply be taking up the challenge Joe Biden threw down when he said if those who oppose the Democrats block  the lunatic changes he and his depraved, deviant, and licentious colleagues demand they will receive “a real physical revolution” for refusing to do the Democrats’ bidding.

Well, bring it on child-molesting, bribe-taking, hair-sniffing Joe, and bring you legions of sexual deviants and baby murderers along with you. You can call yourselves the mighty “Fish-in-the Barrel Army”, at least for the few short and bloody weeks before a rough but swift justice renders that army extinct.



–1.) This text of the 144th Psalm’s is from the King James Version and is located at:


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The main Iranian threat was built by Mexico, Congress, and U.S. business

Seldom do concurrent events give U.S. citizens a chance to see the stubborn and uncaring-for-Americans stupidity of the designers of the national government’s foreign policy. But, today, such a situation has occurred and the asinine nature of U.S. foreign policy can be seen in brilliant clarity on the oddly related issues of Iran and Mexico.

This year is the 40th anniversary of President Crater’s decision to make Iran the permanent enemy of the United States. Instead of, say, sinking Iran’s entire navy or destroying its entire air force as rapidly as possible after the Iranians took the U.S. diplomatic hostages, Carter diddled as the mullahs consolidated power. Such military action would have forced Tehran’s hand, it would have had to choose to either release or kill the hostages. If they were released, Carter could have responded by ceasing military action. If they were killed, he could have completed the annihilation of the remainder of Iran’s military, as well as its oil pipelines and ocean-going tankers.

Carter’s cringing behavior has made the U.S. government’s Iran policy the handmaiden of the whims of Israel and Saudi Arabia, as well as making the Iranian regime believe that most U.S. presidents would behave like Carter. Tehran has been correct on this score, save for Ronald Reagan, who potently stated aggressive military intentions toward Iran and got the hostages released without firing a shot. Obama’s desperate-for-any-deal performance in the five-power Iran agreement, of course, suggested to the Iranians to expect more American timidity in the future, given that Obama delivered far more of that commodity than even Carter, and added pallets loaded with billions of U.S. dollars as good will measure.

Today, America’s 40-years of quasi war with Iran sees Trump’s Neocons pressing for war with Iran before Trump can break the mullahs with economic sanctions. At this time, Tehran’s formal military poses threats only to countries in its own region, and not a one to the United States. We treat Iran as a dangerous enemy because of the security interests of Israel, the flush-with-cash and deeply corrupting domestic political influence of disloyal Jewish-American leaders, and the militarily fecklessness of Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries. All of these want the United States to fight the Iranians while they – the threatened countries and their supporters – stand by in safety and watch U.S. debt mount and more American Marines and soldiers die for them.

While the Trump administration, the Republicans and Democrats, and almost all of the media continue to pretend that the Iranian military poses a formal military threat to the United States, the citizenry will not hear a single official voice describe with precision the only lethal threat that Iran actually poses to them. And here, as they say, enters Mexico, which, along with the Democratic and Republican parties and America’s leading business leaders, are the main facilitators and abettors of the sole lethal threat Iran can use against the United States.

Indeed, U.S. business leaders may be the most despicable and lethal of the abettors. Just listen, for example, to their ongoing damning of President Trump for preparing to impose tariffs as a way to blunt the Mexico-orchestrated migrant invasion of the American republic. As always, they are most worried about a roiled stock market that could decrease their profit margins. With no respect for the republic’s unity, citizenry, society, and history, these business leaders would welcome an army of illegal, border-crossing lepers into the United States if it would help their increase their profits. And if they ponied up lucrative enough bribes through their lobbyists, many Republican and Democrat politicians would vote to pass legislation begging foreign lepers to come to America and go on the dole and Medicare.

Only the daft, I have to think, can fail to recognize that no nation has done as much as Mexico to shatter American society, drain the national treasury, spread crime and disease among Americans, and weaken the cohesion of the Union. It has done these things deliberately by allowing and encouraging waves of Central American migrants, as well as people from dozens of other nationalities from outside the Western Hemisphere, to enter the United States through Mexican territory. Mexican leaders have never tried to halt the inflow of illegals, and, more often than not, they have facilitated their illegal invasion of the republic. This incoming anti-American cancer was not hidden, but obvious to all and was – there is no other applicable word – welcomed by the bipartisan U.S. governing and business elites, as well as by the patently mad American media and left.

There is, obviously, much more that can be said about Mexico’s intentional efforts to weaken and steal from the United States – the latter via massive remissions – and the American elite’s intentional and deliberate helping hand for Mexico’s unquenchable eagerness to harm the republic. Indeed, it is worth asking whether Mexico’s leading politicians and the country’s cartel chiefs are not one and the same. But let us, for the time being, bring Iran back onto the stage.

The Mexican government has been ecumenical in who it has either let or helped enter the United States from its territory. Anyone willing to hurt the republic has been all-but-escorted across the border. Among the welter of non-Latin American nationalities were Lebanese Shia Muslims, who have been illegally crossing the southern border at least since Carter failed to militarily destroy the Iranian regime for seizing diplomatically protected Americans.

Thus, for forty years, Mexican and American politicians have done nothing to stop the inflow of Lebanese Shias, many of them members of Iran’s violent Lebanese surrogate, Hizballah. These people now form the only credible, Iran-related military threat to the United States, and that threat is well established inside the country.

In cities, such as Los Angeles, New York City, Detroit, Dearborn, Miami, Houston, and others, Lebanese Hizballah members have long lived and worked among Americans, and some have proved to be good businessmen. Others have been involved in business fronts, while being focused on drug-and-cigarette trafficking, various kinds of fraud, human smuggling, killings, and other criminal activities. Over the decades, easy illegal entry across the southern border — unchecked by Mexico, and protected by the Congress and U.S. business leaders — has allowed the number of the Lebanese Hizballah members in America to grow steadily. This increase almost certainly has been accompanied by a similar increase in the number of covert Iranian intelligence officers – military and civilian – who have used the same southern border for entry into this country and then built an undetected civilian lifestyle. The latter, of course, includes collecting military, economic, and technological intelligence useful to Iran, while waiting and planning with their Hizballah coreligionists for the day Tehran directs them to carry out military operations inside the United States.

In addition to Hizballah’s U.S. presence, the organization’s leaders and Iranian intelligence services have built a support and logistical network for their U.S.-based comrades in Canada – in Montreal, Toronto, Windsor, and Vancouver, for example – and a similar but broader network in South America, including in Mexico, Cuba, Belize, Venezuela, Argentina, and a number of the Caribbean islands.

This Hizballah-Iranian-intelligence presence in the United States, then, is the only serious Iranian military threat to the United States proper. It is a threat the citizenry is never warned of; one that the media never reports on; one that U.S. law enforcement, paralyzed by the society-killing policies of diversity and multiculturalism at all governmental levels, watches, documents, but lets fester and does not destroy; and one that exists only because of the open southern border, the anti-U.S. enmity of Mexico, the bribe-taking Republican and Democratic politicians, and the bribe-supplying U.S. business leaders.

There is no better evidence than the Hizballah-Iran presence in the republic, which has been fostered by Mexico, welcomed by the U.S. political/business elites, and left to proliferate by U.S. law enforcement, for those who argue that effective border/immigration control is essential not only to ensure the republic’s sovereignty and independence, but as a key, indeed, an indispensable component of national security policy.

If Trump’s Neocon/Israel-Firsters succeed in bringing on an unnecessary war with Iran, everyday Americans, their children, and their businesses will be savaged by Hizballah in multiple areas of the country. Those attackers and their supporters, of course, would have to be lethally handled first, but then those leaders who allowed them over the border and welcomed their arrival – be they Mexican or American – must be made to share Hizballah’s fate. That only seems fair.

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Mueller plays the last, losing card for traitorous Democrats and Civil Servants

On Wednesday, Robert Mueller made a final attempt to keep himself and his  Democratic and Federal civil service colleagues out of prison and/or off the gallows. In a stumbling, no-eye-contact, and head down eight-minute reading of a typed statement, Mueller all but begged Speaker Pelosi and Gaulieter Gerry Nadler to keep pressing the impeachment of President Trump.  In so doing, Mueller accomplished three things:

–First, he unwittingly underscored the fact that he and his band of Stalin-trained lawyers found absolutely no evidence of either collusion or obstruction and so, to keep the political persecution of Trump alive, they wrapped their report and yesterday’s briefing in vagueness, legal mumbo jumbo, and partisan innuendo so as to allow Nadler and Pelosi’s other congressional Gaulieters to run with the impeachment campaign. Mueller pretended that his words, per the Constitution, merely put responsibility on the Congress for deciding guilt. What those words really meant were that Mueller knows himself to be a criminal – recall his slavish, poop-boy role in delivering samples of traitor Hillary’s Uranium-1 merchandise to Moscow for Putin’s inspection – and is hoping that Herr Nadler can keep him out of prison.

–Second, Mueller’s words moved the nation closer to civil war by highlighting the fact that equality before the law is no longer available for most citizens. Why should any non-elite American believe that the Department of Justice, any federal judge, or the FBI will treat him or her as “innocent until proven guilty” if the absolute right of the President of the United States to that treatment is withdrawn? Mueller made it clear, not only that he a conniving political hack, but that there is neither truth, honesty, constitutionalism, patriotism, nor honor in the Democratic Party, its leadership, funders, elected members, judges, supporters in the citizenry and bureaucracy, movie stars, and on-the-payroll media. In so doing, he has identified for American patriots their and their country’s most lethal enemies. Mueller’s malign performance today will go a long way toward making Americans loyal to the republic and its Constitution prepare for the worst. They now know for a certainty that they must be ready to provide to Mueller and his ilk the effective, if cruel, reality inherent in the existence of a still-free people who are ready and even eager to use the 2nd Amendment for the main purpose the Founders intended – killing all political tyrants and other civilian and military enemies of the republic and Constitution.

–Third, and sadly, Muller’s words proved that even the U.S. Marine Corps – for which my respect and admiration is almost unbounded — can produce the occasional filthy, stinking, and traitorous shit-bird of the kind he has proven to be. This is an important lesson for loyal Americans because it shines an even brighter light on the depth of disloyalty and lawlessness among those in the federal bureaucracy and U.S. military who were appointed by or received preferment or promotion from the Obama administration. Until this wave of disloyal human detritus is purged away, in one way or another, the republic cannot be safe.

 “How strangely,” Samuel Adams wrote in 1776, “will the Tools of a Tyrant pervert the plain Meaning of Words!” Adams, of course, was referring to King George III. He did so, however, in words that are perfectly applicable to Mueller’s perverse mutilation of every citizen’s once ironclad right to be treated as innocent until proven guilty. Mueller is a disgrace and traitor to American jurisprudence, the republic’s Constitution, and the nation’s citizenry. May he rot in hell.


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Describe treason: Okay, enlisting foreign governments to overthrow the republic

“Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying war against them, or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort. No person shall be convicted of treason unless on the testimony of two witnesses to the same overt act, or on confession in open court.” U.S. Constitution, Article 3, Section 3

After Major-General Benedict Arnold sold British spy Major John Andre the plans for the Continental Army’s fortress and other defenses at West Point on the Hudson River, the unfortunate Major Andre was captured by local militiamen as he headed back to New York City. Andre was out of uniform when he was seized and so was tried as a spy and not as a captured British military officer. He was convicted and sentenced to be hanged.

General Washington confirmed the sentence and denied requests from several of his young aides – including, I believe, Colonel Alexander Hamilton – to imprison but not hang such a “gallant” officer as Andre. Washington refused and Andre was hanged by the neck until dead, as that marvelous saying goes. Washington’s intelligence operatives and soldiers also actively sought to capture Arnold. He even sent Lafayette and about a thousand continental soldiers to oppose and try to capture then-British Brigadier-General Arnold as he led a raid into Virginia. If captured, Arnold surely would have been convicted and given the noose.

Currently, Americans, as a people, are faced with an Arnold-Andre like situation that will test the mettle of the citizenry and of President Trump. To date, there is strong evidence that at least five foreign governments were enlisted by the leaders of the Obama-headed national government’s executive branch, and its intelligence and law-enforcement organizations, to support the coup they were running against President Trump; namely, Australia, Britain, Israel, Italy, and Germany. Other participating foreign governments may yet surface.

The enlisting of foreign-government assistance by U.S. citizens to overthrow a legitimately elected U.S. president can be described as nothing else but treason, as it is defined in the Constitution. This behavior cannot be dismissed as “dirty politics” and earn only a slap on the wrist. It must not be played down in the indictment and prosecutions of these U.S. citizens that are to come. The direct, in-person actions of these citizens amount, beyond question, to waging war against the existence of America’s Constitution and republican form of government. If the trials of the people engaged in these activities prove treasonous behavior, the only possible suitable punishment is hanging – and the president must, as did President Washington, allow the punishment to be carried out, no clemency, no commutation, no pardon.

Allowing for the mountain of pertinent evidence yet to be released on those people active in leading the failed coup, the information already disclosed shows that the following people seem to be liable for indictment for treason for enlisting foreign-government support for the express purpose of overthrowing Trump and republican government in the United States:

–Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Susan Rice, Ben Rhoads, James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Ashton Carter, Loretta Lynch, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, John Kerry, John Brennan, and James Clapper (NB: Substantial expansion of this list will occur when the senior aides to these people are identified. That group will include some general officers and others from, at least, FBI, CIA, NSA, and State.)

The reporting on the issue of foreign-government involvement supports the belief that each of these individuals knew, approved, helped promote, and did nothing to stop, the enlistment of foreign-government support to overthrow the Trump administration. There must, of course, be the normal cycle of indictments for treason, subsequent civil or military trials, and then the decisions of the juries or judges.

Personally, as the actions of these individuals were nothing less than waging war against the existence of the American republic, I would prefer open and televised military tribunals to handle the trials. Open and televised non-military trials, however, may be preferable for reasons of which I know nothing about. If treason convictions are secured, the sole acceptable punishment is the one that can only be found on the gallows, at the end of a rope. Televised executions, needless to say, would be mandatory.

After the main event concludes, there also will be some international tidying up to do. If they can be identified, all foreign intelligence and military officers, bureaucrats, politicians, spies, and journalists who knowingly assisted the Democrats’ coup attempt should be the subject of extradition requests from the United States to make sure they do not escape retribution for their war-waging on America. All five of the countries so far fingered for helping the Democrats’ war on republicanism claim to be allies of the United States, so arranging extradition ought to be accomplished smoothly. If extradition is refused by one or all of the accomplice countries, the men and women of the U.S. Special Forces are precisely the team that can arrange the presence of all these foreign brigands in American courts.

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The Democrats are proving that history always repeats itself

This is the first of four articles I plan to write over the summer on the fact that history always repeats itself, primarily because human nature never changes. Almost all American children schooled in the post-1945 era have been taught that history never repeats itself. That is a lie, of course, but it has been drummed into young heads for 75 years, and now it is constantly parroted by those who are said to be well-educated professionals, such as university historians, leading politicians, and general officers. These creatures, of course, have flocked to interpret U.S. history in terms identical to the Democratic Party’s most extreme ideologues, specializing in the “deconstruction” of U.S. history, which is simply replacing truth with lies and hate.

The pieces I plan to write will focus on the unchanging nature of the Democratic Party, comparing that party in the antebellum and Civil War/Reconstruction period – roughly 183o-1877 – and the party’s history from 1963 to today. The specific topics to be looked at are the party’s approach to (a) nullification and secession; (b) slavery; (e) the electoral college, the Union, and the ballot; and (d) the use of history.

–Part 1: Nullification and Secession

The fact is that history always repeats itself, and it has been doing do since the written record of man’s activities began in the Old Testament’s Book of Samuel. Today, there is an unfolding story that is a pretty close replica of the Democratic Party’s behavior and ideas in the antebellum period of American history. This week’s Democratic 1860-61-like talking point – “We are in a constitutional crisis” –by itself demonstrates that history is now repeating itself.

The Democrats, since the era of the early republic, have not changed their basic authoritarian, indeed, dictatorial and treasonous tendencies. In the decades before the Civil War, the Democrats focused on policies meant to somehow maintain their power in the Senate, Congress, and Electoral College, even as their representatives became fewer because most of the new states being admitted to the Union would be located above the Missouri Compromise line, and so non-slave. The refusal of the northern states to meet southern demands in full was the faux “constitutional crisis” of the era, the one which Southern fire-eaters later used, in 1860-61, to frighten their fellow citizens into believing that the newly elected Abraham Lincoln intended to free the slaves by invading the south.

One of the earliest manifestations of the Democrats rule-or-war ideology in this period is found in the Nullification Crisis of 1832-33, when the South Carolina government declared that it would henceforth determine for itself whether laws passed by the national government were constitutional. If the South Carolina government found a federal law unconstitutional it would declare the law null and void and prevent its enforcement in the state. In its exercise of illegal power, South Carolina was acting on the union-breaking concepts and advcie published by three Democratic icons, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and John C. Calhoun.

The threat posed to the survival of the Union by South Carolina was defeated, in part, because support for it from other southern states was tepid, and, in larger part, because of Andrew Jackson’s steadfast devotion to the Union and willingness to work out problems — especially on tariffs — between the national government and South Carolina and the South generally. The grease that made the easing of tensions work, however, primarily was Jackson’s extremely credible threat that he would bring the army down to South Carolina and hang the nullifiers who were endangering the union.

Without a Andrew Jackson — himself a Democrat — at the national government’s helm, Americans now a face a far worse threat to the survival of the Union and the safety of the citizenry than that presented by adorers of Jefferson, Madison, and Calhoun. The current threat from the Democrats is to be found in their spreading application of the 1830s doctrine of nullification, this time under the guise of “sanctuary” cities, counties, and states. The unconstitutional lunacy of sanctuary-ism is safe from near-term popular detection because our schools have made Americans ignorant of and/or hateful toward the history of their Civil War era.

The sanctuary locales established in the United States by Democratic governors, mayors, county executives, etc. are far more dangerous to the Union than anything done by the nullifiers, or, indeed, those who would later become Confederates after April, 1861. In addition, the sanctuary process is a small sample of what secession looks like; namely the creation of territories within but separate from the American Union, where the Constitution and the legitimate laws of the national government – those pertinent to the supremacy clause – cannot be applied or enforced without coercion.

The Sanctuarians have not produced even a remotely plausible theory of government, such as nullification. They have simply wept crocodile tears for the criminals illegally crossing the U.S. border and defied the supremacy clause of the Constitution, the latter, so far, without the severe punishment required in response. In doing so, they have put specific territories beyond the reach of the national government on issues that are its sole prerogative; namely, defense of international borders, immigration, and the law-enforcement responsibilities attendant thereto. These sanctuary designations are purely de facto actions and have no basis in law, save for the inexplicably listened to bleats-from-the-bench by judges who are shills for the disunion plans of Obama and the Clintons, which are meant to destroy both the Union’s cohesion and republicanism.

Those Democrats who declare and administer “sanctuaries” are, themselves, simply criminals and the lethal enemies of the security of the republic and the viability of the Union. They facilitate the entry, and then welcome and harbor illegal aliens, every one of whom are criminals just from their act of illegal border crossing. The territorial sanctuaries they create are not the humanitarian havens they claim them to be. They are, rather, crime-ridden, law-free-zones; breeding grounds for growing criminal gangs; hiding places for all kinds of criminals; sources of contagious diseases long-considered eradicated in the United States; bases for the child-and-women traffickers providing fresh meat for pedophiles and whoremasters north and south of the border; launching pads for narcotics cartels selling death to astounding numbers of Americans; and shelter and training areas for Shia and Sunni militants entering the United States to eventually kill Americans.

There can be no doubt that the Democrats, by defying legitimate national government laws and creating sanctuaries for criminals, the diseased, slavers, terrorists, narco-traffickers, and inhuman savages, are reenacting their nullification-and-secession gambit of 1860-61, a tack that brought on the republic’s most murderous war.

It is clear madness for the national government and the American people to continue putting up with the Democrats’ latest forms of nullification and secession as they pollute and cripple the republic with crime, drugs, costs, and endless, non-English-speaking dole-takers. In 1860-61, Lincoln patiently and repeatedly assured southern leaders that the national government meant no harm to the South. He stood that ground, even as the Southerners stopped postal service and seized arsenals, until Jefferson Davis ordered Confederate batteries to fire on Fort Sumter. That cannonade started four years of brutal warfare.

These days, the Democratic nullifiers and secessionists have long since fired their war-starting shots. For several decades, the U.S. citizenry has been under gradually intensifying attacks by Democratic-sponsored narcotics, criminals, disease, terrorists, and relentless wasteful expenses all because of open borders and, now, sanctuaries for the foreign vermin the Democrats intend to use as enslaved voters who will reliably keep the party in power forever.

Faced with the Democrats’ damaging, expensive, and socially corrosive war, the Trump Administration has so far dawdled around, trying to use words and threats to dissuade the Democrats from continuing their war on the republic’s culture, language, history, treasury, and, indeed, its existence. There are many things that need fixing in the United States, but closing the border and eliminating the multiple, illegal secessionist territorial sanctuaries are a more dangerous national-security threat than anything currently posed by the Russians, Chinese, or Iran. Indeed, that threat is second only to the danger to the republic still existing from the many dozens (hundreds?) of people who willingly participated – in alliance with foreign governments – in an unsuccessful coup against President Trump.

Arrest the coupists first, Mr. President, and start the legal processes that will take many of them to the noose and the rest to prison. But, then, get moving and spare no effort to quickly eradicate those who keep the border and the sanctuaries open. If you cannot do so, there are hundreds of thousands of Americans who will try to do so, and, if that happens, you will have allowed the republic to topple into a replay of 1861-1865. Not much of a legacy.












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A few points to recall about John Brennan

Below are a pair of pieces I wrote about the danger the republic would face if John Brennan was ever given a senior position of trust in the U.S. Government. I am reprinting them here because: (a) both appeared on this blog before Godaddy deleted it, and so are not on, and (b) Brennan just said he would be glad to testify before the Congress about whether or not he had been part of a coup against the president. I thought the pieces might suggest a few questions that could be asked Brennan if the testimony he is so eager deliver comes to pass.

The first piece is dated 3 June 2018, the second 6 February 2013. The latter was prepared for the Republican Senator’s staffers — at their request — before the Senate hearing on Brennan’s nomination as CIA Director. The Republican Senators ignored the points made in the piece.

Brennan’s innate perfidy has been known, obvious, and ignored for a long time. The republic has paid a high cost for that reality.


John Brennan and Osama Bin Laden: The protector and the protected? The scent of Arab money?

Posted on June 3, 2018 by mike

I have kept quiet about former-CIA Director John Brennan’s ongoing, near-hysterical tirades against President Trump and the Republicans for two reasons. First, I thought that the critical response was pretty strong and coming from commentators whose words command a large audience. Second, I had my say in this space when Brennan was nominated to the post of CIA Director.

On 1 June 2018, however, I read Brennan’s OpEd in the New York Times. It is an egregious piece of propaganda and faux nostalgia. It also infused with the author’s overweening — and thoroughly baseless – sense of self-righteousness and personal heroism. Two items in the article particularly caught my eye. The first was Brennan’s claim that he is a “non-partisan”, which is true only in the sense of his own willingness to do anything for anybody who will improve his official position and, so, his financial position. The second was his claim that in the Oval Office of four past presidents he had heard the presidents “dismiss the political concerns of their advisers, saying, “I don’t care about my politics, it’s the right thing to do.’” (1)

The latter statement rings hilariously and viciously false to anyone who worked in the Clinton administration to prepare operations for the CIA to capture or the U.S. military to kill Osama bin Laden. Clinton, I happen to know, had ten chances in 1998-1999 to try to end the bin Laden problem and refused each opportunity when it was presented to him.

I never understood why Clinton refused every anti-UBL operational opportunity. Did he honestly believe that Americans would damn him if some Afghan and Arab civilians were killed in an attack on bin Laden that was meant to defend them and the republic, an explanation that he gave to an Australian audience on 10 September 2011?

But now, in the swirl of events that will, pray God, culminate in the annihilation of the republic’s bipartisan governing elite, I wonder if there was more to it than simply Clinton’s personal hubris and moral cowardice, and if that more could be money, Arab money.

The main commonality in the decision-making about whether to conduct an attack on bin Laden in the 1998-1999 period was that the decision was made by a small, closed group of people: Clinton, Terrorism Czar Richard Clarke, DCI George Tenet, National Security Adviser Sandy Berger – who later stole probably UBL-pertinent documents from the National Archive — and, on each occasion, John Brennan. Brennan was in close and frequent contact with Tenet from his then-senior post on the Arabian Peninsula. There are, for example, messages to the White House from him, and the then-U.S. ambassador to Saudi Arabia, pleading that an operation to capture bin Laden in Qandahar, scheduled for May-June, 1998, be canceled because the Saudi leaders had pledged to end the bin Laden problem. This and other such episodes are noted in the 2013 piece appended below.

Based on this commonality, and the fact that these men were protecting what the Saudi king and his advisers had determined to the kingdom’s interests, could it be that another factor influenced the bin-Laden-protecting decisions of Clinton, Tenet, Clarke, Berger, and Brennan. It is well-known, after all, that the Saudis and their fellow Gulf Arab monarchs amply reward foreigners who forfeit their own nation’s interests and protect theirs’. We also know that Brennan resolutely defended the Saudis’ refusal to assist in anti-UBL operations – even sending a message to CIA HQs telling the UBL unit to lay off asking for Saudi help because the requests “offended” them – and was never once directed by Clinton, Tenet, Berger, or Clarke to knock-off his sycophant approach to the Saudis and push them hard to assist in preventing bin Laden from killing more Americans. (2)

Could these men have been acting in this manner because they knew what side of their bread the Gulf tyrants were buttering? I do not know, but I do wonder, and there may be a clue. In February-March, 1999, Clinton was presented with numerous, high-quality chances to kill bin Laden – using U.S. military assets — when he was visiting a hunting camp in Afghanistan’s southern desert. The camp belonged to and was inhabited by a group of UAE princes, who heartily welcomed bin Laden to their accommodations with some regularity. Each attack opportunity was sent to the White House, and each was turned down or responded to with silence. Eventually, the camp was closed and bin Laden disappeared from the scene.

Not long afterwards, a memo written by Richard Clarke found its way to CIA. In it was a checklist of items that he had recently discussed – apparently via telephone — with the Crown Prince of the UAE. In one of the items, Clarke noted that he had, with Clinton’s permission, warned the UAE leader that U.S. intelligence knew about the princes’ desert hunting camp and also knew that bin Laden was in the area He added that it might be best for the princes not be in the area. The camp closed almost immediately after the conversation that Clarke memorialized. Shortly afterward, CIA’s Counterterrorism Center learned that the UAE Crown Prince was about to purchase more than $8 billion worth of the export model of a U.S. fighter-plane, I think the F-16.

Coincidence? Who knows, though I am not a believer in coincidences. But there may be a way to ferret out the truth. There is a brilliant and startlingly industrious gentleman named Charles Ortel who is now minutely investigating the finances of the Clinton Presidential Library and the Clinton Foundation and its various sub-organizations. There also are reports that FBI officers in Little Rock, Arkansas, are pursuing the same targets. Perhaps one or the other will find some a record of a transaction involving those institutions that is pertinent to the coincidence of the UAE’s $8 billion-plus purchase of F-16s and the decisions of Clinton, Clarke, Berger, Tenet, and Brennan to ignore the chance to kill bin Laden for what they apparently thought was the unworthy goal of saving American lives.

Beyond pure avarice, apparent criminality, and worship for Obama, could it be that the mere possibility of finding a document showing Arabs rewarding their favorite Americans is fueling John Brennan’s stuck-pig like, holier-than-thou squealing? It is, I think, worth finding out.


–1.) New York Times, 1 June 2018

–2.) I am not suggesting that these five men knew that the al-Qaeda attacks on the USS Cole (October, 2000) and then the 9/11 raid were coming. From my own experience, I doubt it, but there still are many smart people working to resolve this issue. I am asserting, however, that these five men refused to take any of the ten CIA-provided chances to kill bin Laden, and, in doing so, they could not have done anything more important to protect bin Laden in his Afghan lairs because they knew only the CIA was able to provide such capture/kill-opportunities.


John Brennan as CIA chief would serve his own interests, not America’s

Posted on February 6, 2013 by mike 

France’s recent interventions in Mali and Somalia underscore the accelerating ability of Al-Qaeda-in-the-Islamic-Mahgreb (AQIM) and its Africa-based allies to threaten the continent’s nation-states, as well as access to natural resources—oil, strategic minerals, and uranium—that are essential to the French, U.S., and other Western economies. The growing power and geographical reach of AQIM mirrors the growth of all components of Al-Qaeda and other Islamist groups, save possibly the central component in Afghanistan-Pakistan. The bottom line here is that sixteen years after Al-Qaeda and its allies began their religious war, the United States and the West confront an Islamist enemy that is larger, better armed, smarter, and far more geographically dispersed than ever before.

Now, that paragraph merits a fuller and more data-supported explanation, but for now, let’s look at one of the men—John Brennan—who for nearly 15 years has ensured both that the above-described growth in the Islamists’ power has occurred, and that most Americans have no idea that a still-growing part of the Muslim world is at war with the United States.

This month, President Obama nominated John Brennan to be the next CIA chief. Mr. Brennan was a longtime Agency officer and held a number of senior appointments there. He also has held a number of senior positions outside the Agency in the nation’s national security apparatus. One might argue that all of these positions were based on Mr. Brennan’s unvarying willingness to say “Yes, my genius leader” to anything his boss of the moment said was a good idea. It also has been said that he was thoroughly detested inside the Agency while working for DCI George Tenet—primarily because his first question on the proposal of a covert operation to protect Americans was always was “How will this impact on Director Tenet’s reputation”—and for fully supporting the CIA’s overwhelmingly successful rendition program while Messrs. Clinton and Bush were in power, and then damning the Agency for the program and helping to destroy it when he snuggled up to President Obama and his consistently anti-CIA party. Indeed, there was a popular joke inside CIA in the 1990’s which ran something like: “Question: Why is George Tenet never photographed from behind? Answer: Because they have not found a way to dislodge John Brennan’s nose.”

Now, it surely would be unfair to deny any nominee a job because of how people reacted to his performance as professional sycophant or because of off-color humor made at his expense. But there are at least four substantive reasons to deny Mr. Brennan the job of heading the CIA. The following are those reasons, and one would think that if the Senate does not ask him about them, it will have failed to do its job.

–1) 1996: When, in December, 1995, the Agency set up a unit to dismantle al-Qaeda and capture or help the U.S. military kill Osama bin Laden, one of that unit’s first actions was to ask Mr. Brennan—who was then what George Tenet has described as “CIA’s senior officer on the Arabian Peninsula”—to secure from the Saudi intelligence service some very basic information and documents about bin Laden. The Saudis did not respond, and so the bin Laden unit sent frequent messages to Mr. Brennan asking him to secure the data. When we finally received a response from Mr. Brennan, it was to tell us that he would no longer pass the bin Laden unit’s requests to the Saudis because they were annoyed by them. DCI George Tenet backed Mr. Brennan’s decision, and when I resigned from CIA in November 2004, the Saudis had not delivered the requested data.

–Comment: I speak on this from firsthand experience, as I was the chief of the bin Laden unit at the time. The messages from Mr. Brennan refusing to push the Saudis on bin Laden are in the archives of several government agencies, but, more important, they are in the archive of the 9/11 Commission. (NB: I know the documents are there because I supplied them to the Commission.)  In the latter archive, the messages have been fully redacted to protect the CIA sources and methods and so ought to be easily available to the Senators and to the media via a Freedom of Information request.

–2) May, 1998: For most of the year between May, 1997, and May, 1998, the bin Laden unit—with fine support from too few other Intelligence Community agencies—prepared an operation to capture Osama bin Laden using CIA assets. During the preparatory work, none of the bin Laden’s unit’s bin-Laden-specific information requests to the Saudis were answered, and given Mr. Brennan’s above-noted attitude, the unit was not ever sure the requests were passed to the Saudi intelligence service. Just before the capture operation was to be attempted, Mr. Brennan convinced Wyche Fowler—then U.S. ambassador in Riyadh—and DCI George Tenet that the U.S. government should cancel the capture operation. Although the Saudis had yet to lift a finger to assist U.S. efforts to counter bin Laden and al-Qaeda, and because it is the merest commonsense to know that Afghans never obey orders from any foreigner, Mr. Brennan, Ambassador Fowler, and DCI Tenet all assured then-National Security Adviser, Mr. Sandy Berger, that the capture operation should be canceled. Mr. Berger cancelled the operation, only to demand—through his assistant for terrorism Richard Clarke—that the operation immediately be restarted 75 days later when bin Laden’s al-Qaeda destroyed the U.S. embassies in Nairobi and Tanzania.

–Comment: I also speak on this issue from first-hand experience, as I was the chief of the bin Laden unit at the time, and also traveled in early May 1998, with DCI Tenet and the then-chief of CIA’s Near East Division to hear Mr. Brennan explain why this ludicrous reliance on the thoroughly unhelpful and often obstructive Saudis was a better way to protect Americans than by using CIA’s capabilities. Again, however, it is more important to note that the papers documenting this entire episode—including notes from Mr. Brennan, Ambassador Fowler, and DCI Tenet to Mr. Berger urging the cancellation of the capture operation—are in the archives of several government agencies, but, more important, they are in the archive of the 9/11 Commission. (NB: I know the documents are there because I supplied them to the Commission.) The latter archive the messages have been fully redacted to protect the CIA sources and methods and so ought to be easily available to the Senators and to the media via a Freedom of Information request.

–3) May, 2010: In a speech at the Washington-based Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), John Brennan told Americans it is incorrect to attribute the words “jihad” or “jihadists” to the war being waged on America by bin Laden, al-Qaeda, and their allies.  In the Obama administration, Mr. Brennan explained, we refuse to “describe our enemy as ‘jihadists’ or ‘Islamists’ because jihad is a holy struggle, a legitimate tenet of Islam, meaning to purify oneself or one’s community….” Brennan said it would be “counterproductive” for the United States to use the term, as it would “play into the false perception” that the “murderers” leading war against the West are doing so in the name of a “holy cause. Moreover, describing our enemy in religious terms would lend credence to the lie propagated by Al Qaeda and its affiliates to justify terrorism—that the United States is somehow at war against Islam.” Bearing out Mr. Brennan’s testimony about the Obama administration’s position are a host of government documents—including Ambassador Susan Rice’s talking points on the recent death of four U.S. officials in Benghazi, Libya—which refer to al-Qaeda or other Islamist militants not as “Muslims” or “Islamists” but in the Orwellian and deceiving term “Violent Extremists.” And, not surprisingly, the Committee on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) last week validated that Messrs. Brennan and Obama are following its orders by claiming that the word “Islamist is a stealth slur. It exists as a piece of coded language.”

–Comment: No one expects clarity or complete honesty from a politician, but when a senior U.S. bureaucrat speaks in public to Americans—who are, after all, his/her employer—about their nation’s national security, one has a right to expect that the speaker at least be in honesty’s ballpark. Mr. Brennan’s words above are—when considered objectively—as close as it is possible to come to a complete lie. Far more than 90-percent of the references to “jihad” in the Koran and the Hadith—the verified collection of the Prophet Mohammad’s sayings and practices—are martial in nature, and the one Hadith that provided the basis for Mr. Brennan’s lie has never been verified, is not included in the authoritative/verified Hadith collections, and is mainly used to mislead Americans by such apologists for militant Islam as the leaders of CAIR, the Muslim Brotherhood, and academics like Georgetown’s Professor John Esposito.  The Senate, one would think, should ask Mr. Brennan to explain his lie, as well as to explain why the administrations he has served as a senior adviser—those of Mr. Clinton, Mr. Bush and Mr. Obama—have completely ignored the words spoken and written by Osama bin Laden and other Islamist leaders, even though there is a remarkably high correlation between the motivations and intentions they express and the actions they take in their religious war against America and its allies. A Senator might even find it appropriate to remind Mr. Brennan that the United States made a mistake similar to his in the 1920s when it ignored the motivations, intentions, and prescriptions for actions found in the words of former corporal in the Kaiser’s army.

–4.) 2013: Since May, 2011, when Osama bin Laden was marvelously killed through cooperation between the CIA and the U.S. Navy Seals, Mr. Brennan has consistently told Americas that the Obama administration’s policies have yielded a substantial reduction in the power, reach, and capabilities of al-Qaeda and its Islamist allies. To be fair, President Osama and Republican leaders repeatedly have said the same thing; most recently, President Osama said as much as he met Afghan President Karzai to finalize plans for America’s abject defeat in Afghanistan and the Taliban’s return to power in Kabul.

–Comment: During his confirmation hearings, the Senators should display two maps for Mr. Brennan. The maps should be simple and clear political maps of the world—no rivers or mountains to make viewing arduous. One should represent September 2001, and the other should represent Spring 2013. The one for 2001 will show al-Qaeda and its allies overwhelmingly domiciled in their Afghanistan stronghold, along with a scattering of small cells around the world. The map for 2013, on the other hand, will show al-Qaeda and other Islamists still active in Afghanistan, but also has having established other large enclaves—where training, arms caches, and operational planning can be easily accommodated—in Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, Iraq, Palestine, across North Africa, Nigeria, and, as noted above, in northern Mali. Given that even a cursory comparison of the maps will show the Senators and all Americans that the post-9/11 al-Qaeda-Islamist movement has grown significantly in numbers and geographical reach, Mr. Brennan might reasonably be asked to explain why he, as well as the Clinton, Bush, and Osama administrations he served, have invariably misled Americans by asserting that the Islamist threat is receding.

The foregoing four points, I think, provide firm substantive ground on which to evaluate Mr. Brennan’s fitness to be chief of the CIA, and will allow his reputation for servile toadyism and deception to be left aside. I would also add that there are at least three children who deserve to hear Mr. Brennan’s answers. Let me explain.

In late 1995, I interviewed and hired a young Agency officer to work in the bin Laden unit. Over the next decade-plus, she and her colleagues in the unit and overseas succeeded in defining the motivations and leadership ability of Osama bin Laden; the organizational structure of al-Qaeda and its ties to other Islamist groups; al-Qaeda’s highly lethal intentions and capabilities; and provided the Clinton, Bush, and Osama administrations with at least 12 chances (May-1998-May, 2011) to capture or kill bin Laden—only the 12th of which was taken.

Over these years, the young woman I hired performed brilliantly, while having had three beautiful children who are now motherless because their Moma was killed by al-Qaeda at Khowst, Afghanistan, in December 2008, still trying to find Osama bin Laden after all the other chances she helped deliver to U.S. presidents were ignored. Those three children, as well as the mothers, children, wives, parents, husbands, and fathers of those intelligence officers and military personnel who have been killed and maimed in the war against al-Qaeda and Islamism deserve to hear Mr. Brennan explain those of his actions that helped keep bin Laden alive to kill so many Americans, as well as why he and his political masters have consistently lied to all Americans about the threat they face from the growing Islamist movement. I trust that those three motherless children—and the deceased CIA officer who bore them—will be front and center in the minds of the Senators when they question Mr. Brennan.


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The Democratic Party will get the civil war it wants

Two-plus years of the republic’s life have been stolen on the basis of criminal investigation that had no predicate crime to justify its operations. In other words, it operated on the basis of nothing, no basis whatsoever. Like Hitler, Mao, and Stalin, U.S. investigators targeted the man they want to destroy and then worked to frame a crime for his demise. They also enlisted multiple foreign powers to help them execute their framing project, an action both treasonous and gallows-worthy

But the rigged criminal investigation – like the Nazi Democrat’s rigged 2016 election – failed, and the target was exonerated. All Americans with commonsense know that in the American legal system the prosecutor must make a decision on the evidence he gathers. He either indicts or does not indict. In the latter case, the prosecutor traditionally simply says little or nothing so not to defame the non-indicted, and, therefore, innocent target.

In the present case, a supposedly splendid legal mind said he could not indict or exonerate the target, which is a lie on its face. He did not indict the target because there is no evidence to do so. Again, the rigged investigation failed.

This splendid prosecutor, however, deliberately created a path for the usual Nazi Gauleiters in Congress, along with their we-are-only-following-orders Nazi-Democrat operatives, the media, AIPAC and its disloyal ilk, and their political allies, like the junior Senator from Utah, to keep the republic- and Constitution-destroying hoax alive, so as to continue shattering the republic’s unity and endangering its existence.

All attentive Americans now know beyond doubt that – unless the current administration applies the laws with all permissible severity – there is no equality under the law for anyone who is not part of the National Socialist Democratic Party. It is clear, after all this time, that America’s Nazis, far more in number than anyone imagined, have wanted civil war all along and are now trying to ignite it.

So be it. These goose-stepping American Nazis, however, ought to recall that at times those who get what they want are, in the end, massively disappointed – and, in the best of times, they die. Imperial Japan, for example, got exactly what it wanted by destroying a portion of the Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbor. Japan soon reaped a catastrophic, U.S. Marine Corps-driven whirlwind for getting what the Emperor wanted in Hawaii. Tough shit for Japan.

Today, there are many well-armed Americans who are angered and driven by a fierce hatred for Nazi-American actions meant to destroy the republic. When these patriots have had enough – a point surely near – the American Nazis, will get the civil war they have wanted and then, like Japan, they will die in agony, floating in an ocean of blood. Tough shit for the American Nazis.

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Julian Assange is mighty low on the list of those “endangering American lives”

Julian Assange’s post-arrest situation is being used by the bipartisan U.S. political elite and mainstream media to add additional chaos to the public square, this on the eve of the reckoning that the Constitution and President Trump and his team are soon going to deliver to those who have robbed the republic of two-plus years of its life.

Assange, of course had nothing to do with the so-called Russian interference in the 2016 election – the claim of which has been a hoax since the start – nor did he join the Russians to hack Podesta and DNC e-mails. The latter were stolen by that rare DNC official, Seth Rich, who balked at the corruption the DNC was using to ensure Hillary Clinton’s nomination. He apparently downloaded the e-mails onto a flash-drive – a process proven a senior NSA internet expert via his examination of the time it took to download the data – and then passed the e-mails to Assange’s people in a manner about which I am ignorant. Rich paid for this action with his life, probably murdered by DNC-paid, illegal MS-13 immigrants, and then left to die in a Washington hospital room as DNC Chair Donna Brazile reportedly patrolled the corridors until Rich breathed his last. Hopefully, Brazile will be among those who are administered a hefty dose of painful constitutional retribution, and has time to think about it before she is hung.

Assange, now under arrest in the UK and awaiting an extradition hearing, has moved the U.S. governing elite and its media whores to strive to use him to increase political and media chaos and to slow the advance of their approaching doom. The senators, congressmen, mainstream media, groveling-to-Disney FOX commentators, bound-for-prison folks like Brennan, Clapper, and Comey, puffed-up and always defeated and far-from-the-battlefield generals, and most of what passes for the legal profession are baying like rabid hounds for Assange to be punished severely “for endangering American lives”. The charges against Assange, as I understand them, deal with hacking not dealing with the Russians, but no matter, for these anti-American, anti-Trumpers any port in a storm will have to do when they are looking at an appointment with the noose.

The scaborous tide of hatred directed at Assange since his exit from the Ecuadorian embassy and his arrest by the British police has been stunning. As a former CIA officer, I have always damned those who published classified material, and living in northern Virginia, on the doorstep of the Washington Post, there has been such damning to do on a daily basis. Indeed, if Assange’s actions were assessed in comparison to those of such scum as Dana Priest, David Ignatius, Bob Woodward and his ferret-looking sidekick, and so many other Post writers, Assange would be let off the hook scot-free.

Assange’s crowd of howling critics would be far better served if they simply recognize and then attack the massive damage to U.S. national security that has been done by the Post’s large stable of anti-American employees. This is not to say that Assange should be excused from being tried for the laws he is accused of breaking – if there truly are any – but a conviction of Assange would do nothing but again underscore that there is no such thing as equality before the law in today’s United States. Assange, in other words, ought not to go to an American prison unless Priest, Ignatius, Woodward, and the ferret are on the same chain gang making little ones out of big ones.

Back to the Assange haters and attackers. These people have, almost to a person, used a phrase that says ‘Assange endangered American lives”. Now, that may or may not true, only time and a fair trial and an unbiased judge — the last two scarce commodities — can determine that issue. But the scourging of Assange is being used by the mainstream media, the Congress, and the lefty elite as a handy tool with which to prevent any public focus on the idea that Assange might not be alone in “endangering American lives”.

Agreeing that if there is non-invented, unComey-like proof against Assange, he should face a fair trial, what should be done about the following deliberate actions if the standard of “endangering American lives” applied to Assange is to prevail as grounds for criminality. If they are applied to Assange, the same grounds must be applied to every person who is found to be endangering American lives, and that leads to dealing with:

–Every America president since 1945 who has deliberately endangered American lives by starting undeclared, unconstitutional, and unnecessary interventionist wars that he did not intend to win.

–Every American general officer who has led troops in combat since 1945 and has endangered the lives of American troops while knowing that the commander-in-chief did not intend to win the unnecessary war he started.

–Every American President and the politicians serving in the Senate or Congress since 1945 who have endangered American lives and the country’s sovereignty and independence by supporting, signing, and adhering to international agreements alliances, and organizations that are funded by stealing from U.S. taxpayers –monies that ought to go to rebuild our infrastructure, feed malnourished kids, or simply to reduce taxes and debt – and which block the U.S. military from using every available weapon, including, landmines, napalm, cluster munitions, etc., to utterly defeat the republic’s genuine enemies.

–Every American politician serving in the Senate or Congress since 1945 who has endangered American lives by failing to complete the simple task of controlling our southern border, thereby protecting U.S. sovereignty and the cohesion of the American union and the society therein.

–Every American president, politician, judge, churchman, journalist, and professor since 1945 who has endangered the lives of Americans by unconstitutionally supporting — or refusing to effectively oppose — disunion, and so has paved the road to civil war by allowing the creation of “sanctuary” cities, states, and counties as a means of housing and protecting the Third World scum of murderers, rapists, illegal voters, kidnappers, criminals, and the diseased they have welcomed into the country.

–Every American politician serving in the Senate or Congress since 1945 who has endangered American lives by welcoming the illegal immigrants who have killed, raped, enslaved, dismembered, drunkenly run-over, and spread disease among Americans.

–Every leftist American federal judge serving since 1945 who has endangered American lives by preventing effective border control, by demanding treatment of illegal alien criminals as if they were law-abiding U.S. citizens, and by unconstitutionally blocking legitimate Executive Branch actions to protect Americans against illegal aliens.

–Every American politician, journalist, professor, and churchman who has, since 2001, endangered American lives by telling the public the palpable lie that “Islam is a religion of peace”, and then supported extra-legal protections for the clearly non-peaceful Muslims they have brought into the country with little or no vetting, like those who slaughtered Americans at San Bernardino, and those, like Ilhan Omar, who seems to have told us that she wants to see the slaughter of more. (NB: Only the stupid or lawless would try to deny Omar the right of free speech. In Omar’s and many other cases in our history, the 1st Amendment has been an invaluable tool of early warning because it allowed citizens to advertise their hatred for the republic and/or their loyalty to foreign movements and powers, as in the current performances of Omar and Gauleiters Nadler and Schiff.)

–Every American Senator and Congressman since 1945 who has endangered the lives Americans by reaching into their pockets to steal their money, and thereby reduce their families’ economic viability, and then gave that money to foreigners for whom neither America’s citizenry nor the government it owns – and can dismiss via the vote or, if necessary, the rifle and noose – bear even the slightest responsibility.

–Every technology titan, legacy media owner, and fact-checking guru since 1995 who has endangered the lives of Americans by censoring the dissemination of news so as to hide conservative and libertarian viewpoints in favor of the leftist tyranny that is now strangling to death the Constitution and the civil liberties it guarantees.

The foregoing list, of course, only contains ten of the many thousands of post-1945 instances where those most “endangering American lives” were well-known Americans who intended to do what they were doing. They were and are Americans who held positions of elected power and trust; individuals who commanded attention and influence because of their wealth, celebrity, or religious, military, judicial, academic, or civil-service authority; or because of their status as industrial, media, or financial leaders. Assange must face the accusations that are leveled against him, but, whatever the resulting decision is on that issue, it alone will not move the United States one inch closer to the restoration of republican government, a strong union with all states treated equally, and equality before the law for all.

As noted here, there are today many thousands of far more criminal, and much more deadly people to hunt than Julian Assange, and the hunt for them is now underway. If the hunt fails and is not reattempted by the government or the people, the republic will die.

But if the hunt fails because the hunters are found to lack the stomach for destroying the republic’s domestic enemies through constitutional means, the end of constitutional options for the termination of those enemies is not at hand. A well-armed and purposeful citizenry will still have its chance to act constitutionally and, indeed, act as the Founders intended them to act, which is — with determined faces, hardened hearts, and steady trigger fingers — to accept that it is their “right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security” and thereafter act accordingly.





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